Reach Student Life Management and Technology at St. George's School


We caught up with Director of Technology, Robyn Cavanagh, last month to talk about the user experience at St. George’s. It all came down to one simple question:

How has Reach changed operations at your school?

Here’s what Robyn had to say: 

St. George's was one of the first boarding schools in the United States to adopt Reach as a student management solution. At the time, we were desperate to shift away from archaic paper permission slips and provide greater visibility and transparency for faculty, parents, and students. Reach not only helped us to achieve those goals, but also provided detailed reporting for our Student Life Office, addressed emergency management weaknesses, and helped us better manage contact tracing during the pandemic.

It has completely changed the way we manage student life initiatives.

In addition, it's critical for me to note the responsiveness of the Reach team. Not only do they answer me within minutes of a query, they sincerely address every comment and suggestion from their clients. They have baked countless recommendations into new releases of Reach.

They truly listen to user needs and respond - a priceless characteristic of their provider/client relationship.”

We might not be able to physically visit all of our schools across the globe, but we are always a click away. If you want to learn more about streamlining your school’s workflow and making the shift from paper to digital, get in touch with us!

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