Prep4 Makes Boarding Better!

By watching Prep4 School videos, students learn life skills and build a social-emotional foundation for success—both in and out of school. Each of Prep4 School’s multilingual animations teaches new and returning students (and their caregivers!) the most effective strategies for managing time, preventing homesickness, adjusting to boarding culture, speaking up in class, communicating with advisers, coping with pressure, and more! Membership also includes live webinars on topics of great importance to faculty and families alike.

Your annual all-school membership to Prep4 School is an affordable and effective way to support students’ mental health.

Members get Instant Access to Awesome Videos that Teach these Essential Student Success Skills:

• In-Class Participation
• Homesickness Prevention
• Recalibrating Your Self-Image
• Maximizing Achievement
• Coping with Academic Pressure
• Efficient Time Management
• Advisor Communication
• Cross-Cultural Comfort
• Restorative Sleep Patterns
• Caregiver Support of Students


Harvard graduates Dr. Christopher Thurber and Dr. Szu-Hui Lee created Prep4School after helping thousands of students at Phillips Exeter Academy, where they both serve as clinical psychologists. “We knew that students would do better if they had essential information before arriving on campus,” says Dr. Thurber. “Hard work got them into boarding school,” notes Dr. Lee. “Prep4 School helps them thrive.”

The Association of Boarding Schools is a proud supporter of Prep4 School.


International Inclusion is Our Philosophy

Prep4School is committed to worldwide student success, so our videos are available in an ever-expanding selection of languages. We are the only student resource available in a combination of English + Mandarin (subtitled in both languages), English-only (American accent), English-only (Australian accent), English with Russian subtitles, and English with Spanish subtitles.

Prep4School’s primary audience is students, of course. But we know that caregivers love to know what students are up to, so we did make one video primarily for parents. We hope you enjoy watching Caregiver Support for Students in the language and subtitle combination of your choice. the language tabs below to watch Caregiver Support for Students in your preferred language.



St. George's School

Dr. Cheryl Jenkins - Director of Counseling & Health Education
“Typically wary of an in-service at the opening of the school year, the faculty at St. George’s were quickly won over by Dr. Thurber’s high energy, apt examples, and creative use of video clips. Thank you so much!” below
 to watch Caregiver Support for Students in your preferred language.


Phillips Exeter Academy

Tyler Caldwell - 9th Grade Dean
"Prep4School is an amazing series of short videos that provide a much needed pre-orientation experience for students. By providing expert solutions to many of the challenges students face, Dr. Lee and Dr. Thurber help students feel connected, supported, and confident, even before they set foot on campus."below
 to watch Caregiver Support for Students in your preferred language."